The most exciting and interesting things to do in Marrakech

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The most exciting and interesting things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech is the third largest, beautiful city of Morocco. It is very crowded, noisy, interesting and has its own oriental traditions. Many of the attractions of Marrakech are objects, protected by UNESCO. For its more than a thousand-year history, Marrakech has managed to visit the status of the capital of Morocco, to survive the heyday, oblivion and once again become one of the main cities of the country. The authorities often changed here, and each new dynasty brought its own vision to the architecture. However, a number of objects, such as the Medina or the Kutubiyya Mosque, have managed to survive to this day.

Everyone who would like to visit Marrakech will be surprised by the huge number of attractions and entertainment in the city. To put it briefly then, one can:

  • start the journey with a visit to the Kutubiyya Mosque;

  • look into the incredible beauty of the historic Medina district;

  • enjoy the beauty of exotic plants and flowers in city parks and gardens;

  • improve health in local wellness and spa centers;

  • relax in the water parks.

One of the first things to do in Marrakesh is to get acquainted with the rich history of this amazing place. The most beautiful religious monument in the city is the Kutubiyya Mosque, the height of its Kutubiyya Mosqueminaret is 77 meters. This minaret is the tallest building of the city, it serves as a kind of landmark for tourists. There is another majestic architectural monument nearby – the El-Badi Palace. It was built by order of Sultan Ahmad al Mansur, who won an important victory over the Portuguese troops. As many years ago, now the palace is distinguished by a very beautiful exterior and interior decoration. A picturesque courtyard has been preserved on its territory, it is surrounded by an abundance of ornamental plants and flowers. Beautiful orange trees grow in the garden surrounding the palace. The national holidays and various festivals are often held here. One of the most significant monuments of Marrakech from a national point of view is the mausoleum of the Saadites. It contains the tombs of the dynasty of famous rulers, they were buried here together with their close people. For travelers, the mausoleum is notable for its exquisite decoration, the inside walls and ceiling are decorated with artful carvings and the tombstones are made of the most beautiful rare marble.

In Marrakech, tourists will be able to choose entertainment for every taste. There are beautiful gardens, modern entertainment centers and the large scale of shopping complexes. The popular Golf Assoufid Center is located near the city center. Picturesque and well-equipped, it will definitely appeal to fans of elite sports, here one can fully enjoy the game and relax in comfort and beautiful natural area. Arsat Moulay Abdeslam Cyber Park is located near the main square of the city.cyber park arsat moulay It will be the best place to relax on a hot day. In the park one can have a great rest with children or walk along the winding paths, admiring the ancient trees. The most beautiful garden in Marrakech is considered to be the Majorelle Garden. It impresses with an abundance of exotic plants and fragrant flowers, which can be admired endlessly. Marrakech-El Badi Palace offers guided tours of the picturesque valley of the Valle du Draa, which is also famous for its natural attractions.

For many travelers, local wellness centers and spas remain the main places of recreation. Among the latter, the Mythic Oriental is the most interesting. The Heritage Center is also famous for its first-class service, and visitors of the Hammer De La Rose center can relax in a real oriental bath. Gambling fans will definitely like the local casinos, among which the most popular are Le Grand Casino de la Mamounia and Casino de Marrakech. They offer all kinds of classic table games.

There is also an excellent water park in Marrakech-Oasiria Water Park.Marrakech Oasiria Water Park

It is suitable for a family holiday and will certainly appeal to both the youngest visitors and fans of extreme entertainment. In addition to the abundance of attractions there is an extensive recreation area and several attractive restaurants in the park.

There are many interesting natural attractions in the surroundings of Marrakech. The best way for tourists to explore them is to go on an exciting safari. During the tour, travelers will be able to ride camels through the desert and visit Bedouin tent camps, as well as see a lot of incredible natural attractions. Those who want to diversify their vacation with more unusual entertainment will be offered to fly over the surroundings of Marrakech in a hot air balloon.

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