Morocco family vacation

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Morocco is a good place to spend a vacation with children. The soft climate, fascinating views, campfires, exotic animals, a lot of sun, light, fresh air and fruits will make your child happy and for sure will turn your family vacation into a fairytale.

While planning your family vacation to Morocco, you have to consider numerous factors. The thing is that what sounds like a great idea for adults may turn into some problems for kids. That is why in this article we will define the best areas, restaurants, apartments and entertainments for kids.

Morocco for Kids

We can surely say that Morocco is a family-oriented country. So if you once traveled to intrepid destinations, this land offers you the ability to explore its natural beauty with your kids. Furthermore, you can easily get here from Europe or North America. Traveling to Morocco with kids opens you the ability to have lovely and joyful adventure for the whole family.

Adaptation period

You have to note that it will take around a day or two for a child to adapt to Morocco’s foreign environment. Still, the adaptation becomes really soft if you stay somewhere in the countryside that offers a child a lot of fancy activities. What concerns big cities, it will be hard to find any play facilities in parks and gardens.

It is worth to mention, that these are parents who have to assimilate first. Keep in mind that Morocco is good for your kids but you have to consider numerous factors such as heat between noon and 4 PM and long distances with possibly bad roads. This means you have to foresee all the factors that can make your child get tired or act up. Furthermore, you have to plan your actions in case your child gets ill.

Planning Vacation

Morocco does not require you to take anything special with you, for you or for your kids. Just note that the temperatures, especially if we are talking about areas close to the desert, can change rapidly. So make sure you packed with clothes both for noon heat and night cold.


Before making a booking, consider that some hotels in Morocco are more family-friendly than the others. For example, some of them offer free stays for children less than two years, and the others will offer you a 50% discount if your child is under twelve years.

Health Issues

While planning your vacation, do not forget to take a hand sanitizer because children tend to touch everything, even if it is something dirty, you know. Furthermore, make all the necessary vaccinations before the departure.

Always pay attention to what your child eats and drinks because there is a risk of upset stomachs and diarrhea. Also, avoid exhaustion and dehydration that can be caused by daily heat. The last thing to mention is child’s contacts with street animals such as dogs or cats. There is a risk of rabies and other diseases, so try to avoid such situations.

Best Places for Kids

  1. One of the best places in Morocco, both for adults and kids, is Marrakesh. This beautiful city allows families to find the best apartments to stay, the ability to retire to swimming pools, visiting green and flourishing parks, attending festivals and carnivals, riding horses or even camels!
  2. The second area to mention is the Atlantic coast of the country. You will be able to enjoy plenty of beautiful and sunny beaches and fresh waters and wind sports. Whenever you go, Agadir or Essaouira, long, sandy and colorful beaches are waiting for you with temptation.
  3. Do not miss a chance to visit Drâa Valley with its beautiful dunes and dromedary rides. You can also tour Ouarzazate’s film studios here. Sounds great, right?
  4. If you want to enjoy both natural beauties of the country and feel its urban lifestyle, come to Rabat. The capital of Morocco is full of historical places, ruins, and magnificent gardens. You can also enjoy its souqs offering you a fairytale experience of shopping. Furthermore, any kid would love to take a pony ride here.
  5. The best view of fascinating mountains is provided by the Middle Atlas area. Amazing waterfalls and forest walks are among the best esthetic entertainments Morocco can offer for a family vacation. No doubt you will enjoy it! You can easily reach this beauty from such places as Azrou or Fez.

Local People

If you want to find a place on earth where your child will get an enormous amount of love from local people, visit Morocco. Moroccans adore children! So if you traveling with a child, it will encourage contact with the locals and will give your family the ability to enjoy their warmth and friendliness each day of your adventure. Still, all these do not mean that parents will get special treatment at stores or while bargaining.


If you want to encourage your child to treat some traditional Moroccan food, keep in mind that most meals will contain potatoes or bread. If you have no problems with eating these products, your child will probably enjoy traditional meals.

Still, if you prefer Western food, you will have no problems with finding it. Nearly all restaurants in Morocco offer Western meals. Try to avoid buying street food and always wash all fruits and vegetables. One more thing to mention is water: it has to be purified or bottled.


If you want to spend time with fun and pleasure and to add a little to your life experience, you can visit cooking classes such as classes at Cafe Clock. You can find them both in Fes and Marrakech. They will teach you how to mix spices and how to bake bread. Children will love it!

You can also enjoy an experience of walking in the mountains with a guide by High Atlas road. You can also enjoy the views of Marrakesh, Meknès, and Taroudannt while sitting in a horse-drawn carriage or, how Moroccans call it, Calèche. Or how about riding Essaouira Camel along the beach, around the city or in the Sahara? If you will decide to explore the desert, make sure your clothes can protect you from the heat of the sun and will encourage your skin to breath.

There are a lot of watersports for children in Essaouira and Agadir. By the way, did you know how much kids love ‘fishing for a bottle’ game?! In other words, Morocco is full of places families can enjoy!

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