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12 Best Beaches in Morocco

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The geographical position of Morocco makes this country a real beach paradise. The land is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, allowing visitors to choose between the varieties of diverse welcoming beaches. In general, all the Moroccan beaches can be subdivided into two main categories.

Atlantic Beaches

On the Atlantic coast, you will be able to find a variety of beaches situated not far from cities. You can enjoy the latest watersports there and just relax watching a beautiful seaside. If you want to try some watersports, the best time to do it is from the end of March to the mid of September. This period is ideal for surfers. The waves will meet the requirements of wakeboarders, windsurfers, and kitesurfers as well.

Still, there are hundreds of those with unspoiled nature, distanced from human settlements. Most of them look like long sandy strips bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The temperature here increases as you go further to the South.

Mediterranean Beaches

If you need to find some intimate beaches, visit the Mediterranean coast of Morocco. The land between Tangier and Al Hoceima is full or beaches with warm water and calm atmosphere. Mainly, they situated nearby little fishing villages of Morocco.

You can also enjoy some new Mediterranean coast resorts such as Tamuda Bay. The Mediterranean-Saida offers tourists a 6-kilometer seafront with purely white sand. All those who are fond of luxury entertainments are able to visit a beautiful port and to attend 18-hole golf course situated nearby two international airports of Morocco.

Top 12 Beaches

As we already mentioned, there are hundreds of beaches in Morocco. Sometimes it becomes really hard to choose the one you would love most. So here is the list of 12 best beaches for your consideration.

  1. Saidia

A beautiful town situated in the North of Morocco, nearby the Algerian border, can offer tourists the loveliest Mediterranean beaches in Morocco. The name of the town is Saidia. It becomes crowded in the summer with hundreds of tourists who come here to enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of this place. The location of the town is nearly behind the beach which makes it a perfect place for vacations.

Saidia Beach
Saidia Beach, Morocco
  1. Legzira Plage

If this name sounds familiar to you, you probably have heard about it right after a huge rock formation collapsed due to erosion not so long ago. Still, the sandy bay attracts a lot of tourist remaining its natural beauty. You can climb the cliff that opens you fascinating views of red rocks formation meeting the Atlantic Ocean waters. The beach itself is a sandy paradise. You can dip in the water or just relax while watching waves. Still, to reach this beach you will have to stay in a really small town that cannot provide accommodation for everyone, so you will have to plan your trip preliminary not to miss the boat.

Legzira Plage
Depositphotos.com – Legzira Plage, Morocco
  1. Asilah

The seaside town called Asilah comes alive in the summer period when the locals, people from all across the Strait of Gibraltar and tourist from all across the world arrive here to enjoy the pleasure of living this place can open to its visitors. The whitewashed medina is a good place to enjoy the calm and conscious rest. Though the beach does not provide you with any special services, local people will be happy to offer you an umbrella to hide from the sun heat and a friendly atmosphere of this place will give you a chance to enjoy the best that Morocco can offer you. All you have to do is to enjoy the fresh breeze and the sun. Sounds great, right?

Asilah Beach Morocco
Depositphotos.com – Asilah Beach, Morocco
  1. Sidi Kaouki

The unique paradise of untouched nature is situated not far from Essaouira becoming its best alternative with its constant blustery winds, wild beach with small and fascinating dunes, and birds flying around the waters. This place is also good for horse and camel rides if you come here during off season. It is one of the top spots for surfing and windsurfing.

There are a lot of hotels and places to eat nearby the beach. For example, you can enjoy your meal sitting right in the central square in some local café or restaurant. If you want to have some Western food, you can go to Mouette et Dromadaires situated nearby.

Sidi Kaouki
Depositphotos.com – Sidi Kaouki Beach, Morocco, Africa
  1. Martil

Situated on the Medditerrian coast of Morocco, pretty little town Martil becomes very popular among locals and tourists in the summer as people flock there to enjoy white sand beaches, warm waters of the sea and amazing views of green mountains that rise out of the water. Actually, the place is popular among visitors all year around, as people from nearby cities come here to spend a weekend. The beach offers a lot of cafés or ice cream shops, so you can enjoy a boardwalk after the sunny day spent on the beach.

  1. Tamara Plage

For all those who are planning to visit a capital of Morocco, and not to miss the resting part of the vacation, here is a Tamara Plage, situated just 13 kilometers south of the Rabat. The main advantage of this place is an ability to find diverse accommodations that will meet all the requirements. There is a bus that goes between Rabat and Tamara Plage, allowing tourists to mix the modern lifestyle of the capital with the luxury resorts nearby. Still, tourists have to note that swimming at Mehdia Plage and Plage des Nations can be dangerous.

  1. Tetouan

The most beautiful beaches of Mediterranean are situated nearby the Tetouan. Thanks to golden sands of the coastline, calm waters and the amazing views of mountains, this place attracts a lot of visitors every year.

Even 35 kilometers east, you can still enjoy the glamorous beauty of Tetouanoffered by such coastal towns as Mdiq, Fnideq, and of course Martil. Here you can also find the most luxury hotels and restaurants. This area is known as the summer capital of Morocco after the King Mohammad VI started to spend vacations here.

The Tetouan coast opens the ability to visit both sandy and rocky beaches. So whatever you prefer, your requirements will be satisfied. Furthermore, the area provides a lot of entertainment and water activities.

  1. Essaouira

The 18th-century fortified town is full of magically romantic places, Andalucían style houses, music artists, and many other bohemians. Its inspiring and, at the same time, relaxing atmosphere makes tourist come here again and again.

You can simply relax on the beach, take part in some popular water activities or even climb the ramparts. Here you are able to visit the best water spots in Morocco such as Essaouira Bay, Cape Sim, Mouley Bouzertoune and Sidi Kaouki mentioned before. About 10 minutes from Essaouira is a small Berber Village called Diabat.  It is ideal destination for all those who want to find a place free of tourists. Here you can also ride a horse, enjoy traditional meals made of fresh fish and even visit a Jimmy Hendrix Café.

Best beaches in Morocco
© Kasto80 | Dreamstime.com – Beach Of Essaouira, Morocco, Africa
  1. Agadir

This Moroccan city is very popular among locals and tourists, especially if we are talking about holiday comings. To say more, it is one of the main resorts in the country with its expansive marine and luxury private clubs. It is a good place for surfers and people who are looking for comfort. Agadir area is full of sunshine: nearly 300 days a year the weather is clear, hot and bright. In case you get tired of swimming and water activities offered by this place, you can make a great day trip to the Atlas Mountains with a guide.

  1. Dakhla

Dakhla is the place in Morocco where the sea meets the Sahara, creating a beautiful Lagoon in between these two. Tourists who come here are able to explore both the desert and the amazing bay. The best season opens with the end of March and lasts until the end of September. Dakhla beaches are famous for incredibly clear waters, shining golden sands all across the coastline, camel rides, various water sports and fishing activities. It attracts surfers from all around the globe with the conditions close to Hawaiian. Furthermore, the great number of surf camps is good for all the beginners in surfing.

  1. Al Hoceima

The town of Al Hoceima, situated on the north of the Mediterranean Coast of the country, is not really popular among tourists, though it is one of the favorite destinations among the locals. Here you can enjoy the view of the city influenced by Spanish protectorate of Morocco. The fascinating view of the Rif Mountains and the number of the best beaches placed nearby makes this area a desirable spot for all those who are tired of crowds of tourists in some other parts of the country. You can come here to enjoy the intimate stay, great food, historic medinas, soft waters and warm waves of Mediterranean.

  1. Tamraght

A small Berber fishing village situated on the coastline of Atlantic Ocean about 17 kilometers north of Agadir is full of magic and places to discover. The village offers you different kinds of little luxuries such as

Walking these quiet streets, you will stumble upon small luxuries like French cheese shops and a patisserie. You can also try a traditional spa and organ oil massage here. The Immouran beach nearby the village is full of surf spots and that is why it is so famous among water sports lovers. Surfing here is an available option for everyone, even for kids and beginners. The place is also good to take a horse ride and to enjoy the natural beauty of the Moroccan Atlantic coastline.

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