Holiday Villas in Morocco

Morocco has an extraordinary range of holiday properties available to rent, from historic palaces and converted agricultural dwellings to modern villas and apartments. It is useful to draw a distinction between modern purpose-built holiday properties - contemporary riads, holiday villas and apartments - and historic properties converted to holiday use, which are dealt with collectively on the page devoted to exclusive Moroccan riads.

Villa Locations in Morocco

Holiday villas are found in all the Moroccan cities and coastal resorts which are geared towards tourism. Restrictions on development in the historic centres of Moroccan cities mean that modern villas and contemporary riads are built either in the suburbs or in holiday villa complexes a little way out of town, where they are often integrated with a golf course and other leisure facilities. Renting a villa in a modern holiday development can be ideal, particularly for those with families, as a good range of facilities will be available on site, although it is as well to check the cost and practicalities of getting into the city if one is not to be marooned in one's villa complex. Villas and contemporary riads available for holiday rental in the suburbs tend to provide easier access to the city, but there may be more limited leisure facilities available at the property. However, many suburban holiday villas and riads will have pleasant gardens and private swimming pools. The most desirable areas in which to rent a villa or riad tend to be residential areas occupied by embassy staff and overseas workers, which generally provide enhanced security and a pleasant ambiance.

Moroccan Villas with Staff

How often do you return from holiday and feel that you need another holiday to recover? This will certainly not be the case if you rent a Moroccan villa with a full retinue of resident staff, who will shop, cook and clean for you and very often take on the role of tour guide and general factotum. Although it is clearly more expensive to rent a villa with staff than a self-catering property, the low wage rates in Morocco mean that the differential is not as great as many expect. For larger groups of holidaymakers or families, renting a fully staffed villa can provide the same level of comfort and service as staying in a luxury Moroccan hotel, and at a comparable price. Most villa rental companies will provide comprehensive details as to the villa's accommodation and the number and roles of the staff, although it is always as well to clarify what is and is not included in the price quoted for the villa. For example, some villas which offer the services of a chef include the cost of all meals, whereas at other villas guests pay either for the cost of food purchased by the chef or a fixed charge for each meal taken at the villa.

Self-Catering Villas in Morocco

A contemporary Arab-style Moroccan house

For some holidaymakers, resident staff would be an encumbrance rather than a release, and the prospect of renting a Moroccan villa or holiday home without staff is much more appealing. Self-catering villas in Morocco range from the luxurious to the rudimentary, although most villas which are rented through UK-based villa specialists have comfortable accommodation and reasonable facilities. Holidaymakers who have experience of renting a villa in France, Spain or Italy will discover that the same holiday budget will secure a much more lavish and better equipped property in Morocco.

Choosing a Moroccan Villa

The best strategy when planning a villa holiday is to decide on one's budget and where in Morocco to stay, before looking at the selection of properties offered by two or three companies that specialise in the chosen location. Don't be tempted to reduce your budget just because there are less expensive villas that would suit your needs. A holiday in Morocco offers the rare chance to live the high life on a relatively modest budget - if you don't seize the opportunity now, you'll regret it in later years when a villa in Marrakech is as expensive to rent as a villa in Monaco.